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1 November 2018
København, Denmark
Nordic Cluster Meet Up 2018 - Connecting and mobilising clusters

The Meet Up takes places at
Blox, Bryghusgade 10, 1473 København.
Look for "Indgang D" / "Entrance D". 

It's also the entrance of Danish Architecture Centre (DAC). Go to the reception and tell that you are participating in the Nordic Cluster Meet Up and they will guide you to the conference room.

BLOX - The Nordic Cluster Meet Up Venue
BLOXHUB is an urban innovation hub that brings together companies, organizations and researchers to co-create solutions for better cities. BLOXHUB is founded on the belief that the challenges of global urbanization and climate change require a new collaborative approach and is set to be a Nordic launchpad for future urban solutions and a gateway to the Danish and Nordic markets for international companies.

BLOXHUB is located in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark, a great inspiring urban environment. Here, the Nordic Cluster Meet Up delegates can meet and develop global solutions with a Nordic approach.


Closed since 31 October 2018


Blox Hub - København

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Participants 53
Meetings 80


Denmark 23
Finland 7
Iceland 2
Norway 10
Sweden 14
Total 56


Cluster / Network 38
Authority/Government 8
Other 10
Total 56